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Welcome to the inner journey.

Maun Sadhana Shibir
at Saputara, Gujarat

5th April to 12th April, 2020
Age Limit – 16 years to 60 years only
This Shibir is only for New Sadhaks
Special preference for professionals and post graduates.


Maun Sadhana Shibir

Who am I? And What do I truly seek? We are a Bodyless – Mindless- Nameless Experience. And like all beings we seek Happiness. But not knowing our real nature, we seek happiness from outside. Thus, starts an endless trial & error and bondage. The goal of existence is thus to know who we are and experience ourselves as we are ….“Swanubhuti”. “It’s not easy… but very very easy”, says Gurudev. Knowing and experiencing this in the presence of an enlightened Guru can make vital difference. A little spark of experience can ignite an inner quest…. one that can change you from inside and outside.

Silence (Maun), not just of the spoken words, but also of thoughts, opens the inner doors. Meditation then becomes natural and effortless. Silence and Meditation help in internalizing the essence of Honourable Gurudev’s preachings. This Shibir is being organized with the noble thought that with Blessings of the Almighty, Solitude, Inner Silence, Simple living and avoiding the distraction of the mobile etc. will take you ahead in the journey to experience the Inner Self.

Welcome…. to the Inner World

Bhakti Yogacharya Shrimad Yashovijay Surishwarji

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Importance of Sadhana

It takes one on a journey inwards, from untruth to truth, from unreal to real, from transitory to eternal.


to be accomplished

Dhyan Prakriya

ભાગવતી સાધનાનું લક્ષ્યાંક : સ્વાનુભૂતિ

ભાગવતી સાધનાનું લક્ષ્યાંક : સ્વાનુભૂતિ આધાર સૂત્ર भदन्त! द्वादशाङ्गस्य, किं सारमिति कथ्यताम्‌। सूरिः प्रोवाच सारोऽत्र, ध्यानयोगः सुनिर्मलः।। [...]

રત્નત્રયીની સાધના

રત્નત્રયીની સાધના सीसं जहा सरीरस्स, जहा मूलं दुमस्स य। सव्वस्स साधुधम्मस्स, तहा झाणं विधीयते ।।14।। – ઈસિભાસિયાઈં (અર્હત્‌ દગભાલ) જેવી રીતે [...]

ધ્યાનના પ્રકારો

ધ્યાનના પ્રકારો આપે આપ વિચારતાં, મન પામે વિસરામ; રસાસ્વાદ સુખ ઊપજે, અનુભવ તાકો નામ… આતમ અનુભવ તીર સે, મીટે મોહ અંધાર; આપ રૂપમેં ઝળહળે, નહિ [...]


  • It was an excursion of soul searching where the reins of wandering mind were with me courtesy the teachings, discourses and aura field of Pujya Gurudev. One gets a taste of bliss simply because of his divine presence. It makes one feel soft, soother and serene and for those days everything around me was blissful. The ups and downs of life thereafter do not appease/disturb me as much as it used to be before attending this Maun Sadhana Shibir, it reminds me of HIS teachings - you are an observer and not the doer. The Shibir opens the gateway to being a 'Vitragi'.

    Manoj Shah CA

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